lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

One of my favorite work of art

This time, I will talk about one of my favorites work of art. I like very much the painting, and I have a few artists that I admire, but my favorite is Vincent Van Gogh Dutch artista born in 1853 , because I think that is an amazing painter, his work is very dramatic, like his life, that was very stormy, but the result of this was a fantastic collection of painting, that likes me so much.
In the picture here, this is my favorite painting, called Starry Night. I like this picture because, the colours and the image itself is very expressive, the night, the moon and the town looks as if it were alive. I saw it for first time in my home, in a book of postcards of Van Gogh that was saved in a old box. When I see it I like the painting inmediatly…
I think this work is all special, the movement of its elements, the colours and all in the painting makes me fell a sensation of peace, is like travel to some small place in Holland. For me, is a work that means very much, because I think that is a very good, product of a unbelievable talent (my favorite!). he has an infinite collection of works, but in my opinión, this is the best.
I hope do you like this work of art
Good luck for everyone of you!