lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

What I do in my free time

Today, I will talk about things I like to do in my free time. I have a lot of things.
when I don't have to study, I like listen my favorite music. I enjoy so much to lie down in the couch and put the music so loud. this can be classic rock, reggae or relaxing music, but need to be so loud... I do this everytime I can, when there is nobody in home, because my mom don't like the loud music.
Another thing I like to do when I have free time is to cook, preferably, sweet things, like cookies, but my favorite is the lemon pie...for after I eat a big piece of that.118
When there is a good weather, I like to go for a walk near my home (in the center of Santiago)in the parks and avenues to take pictures in all places. I like so mach go to Forestal Park, Lastarria street and the antique streets in Santiago.
Finally, I really like to sleep in my free time, specially if the weather is so cold and I have nothing to study!
good luck to everyone of you
and I hope you enjoy your free time!!


lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

One of ny favourite movies...

It is so hard to choose a favourite movie, because I have a lot… this time, i will talk about the film “The Constant Gardener”, by Fernando Meirelles, the same director of City of God. 27
The film takes place in Africa, and is about a conspiracy between the governments of England and Kenia and the pharmaceutical industry, who are testing a new drug in the african people that is infected with the HIV virus. This alliance can earn billions of dollars for both sides. When the wife of a diplomat, the main carácter of the movie, is murdered because she discovered the secret of the government, he started an investigation to end his wife’s work.
I saw this picture 2 years ago, by coincidence, because my mom brought it home on a DVD and i saw it for curiosity… I like this movie because i enjoy the films about social problems and it gives a message that there are things that happen in the world we need to be concious of.
There are a lot of thing makes this film better than others… one of this is the direction, because Fernando Meirelles has a great talent. Other can be the locations, because show Africa just what it is, with contrasts.

I hope you can see it
Good luck

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Earthquake experience

The day of the earthquake I was in a town called Hualqui, near to Concepcion, with my boyfriend visiting my dad, who lives there, that was the perfect end to our vacations, but it was not like that...
the three of us went to sleep at 2:30 a.m., and after that, the earthquake begin. in the first moment, we stayed in bed, but when it turned more heavy, we quickly left the house, but I don't remember how I came out.
After the violent tremor, I was very worried about my family, because we hadn't a phone's signal, and they didn't know anything about us.
The situation in town was very violent, because there was not water and electricity, and the food of the small general store was exhausted.
I think the country reacted fine in general, but in a big disaster like this, is very difficult to any country help the people quickly, although it had some mistakes.

That was my experience, good luck to everyone of you


lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Favorite Places of Chile

One of my favorite things I like to do is travel. Making journeys of Chile with a rucksack is something that I do every time I can, specially in vacations.

I don't really have a favorite place to escape from Santiasko, because I always try to go to a different location, but a place that I go two times and is near to Stgo is the National Reserve Rio Cipreses, near to Rancagua, up in the mountains.

In 2009 I went for first time, and made a real impression on me, because is a incredible big place, full of nature, rivers, birds and the mountais look so beautiful. My intention was to cover all the reserve, but that was impossible in 3 days, because the road was very long and the treking was so exhausting.

In the camping, we install the tent to sleep in the cold night near to the mountains, and after to the treking, we enjoy the landscape, the cold river and the sound of the birds and water.

And too the sky full of stars in the night, something impossible in Santiago.

Good luck to everyone of you