jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

The Doors Tribute

Well, this time, I will talk about a little concert I went a couple months ago.
Thas was a tribute of The Doors in the Oxido Bar, in the Bellavista neighborthood. I went with a group of friends, my brother and my boyfriend, and we had a really good time!!.
I really enjoyed that, but the place was very small, and came an excessive numbrer of people, and all of us was very cramped in the show. That time, played three tribute groups, to Jimmy Hendrix, Grand Funk and in the end, The Doors, that is one of my favorite musical band.
In spite of the conditions, the terribly hot inside the bar and the excessive people, the band was really good, and they played the big classic success.
This was a really good experience for me, because I just can listen their music in discs, by obvious reasons I will never can see they en live, and this cnahce to listened this music in live was a very good experience for me. Me and my brother enjoy that so much, but my friends and boyfriend was bored, but the people and the hot inside.
I decide to go this event because I like very much The Doors, and to listen their music in live in a way, to attrac my attention very much. Too I went because I like so much the music and enjoy the rock music live, that is a really good to see it.
See you!! Bye :)

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Something I would like to do

Well, this time, I talk about something that I would like to do sometime, and this is Hang Gliding, that is an air sport. It use a kind of aeroplane but without a motor, called Delta Plane.
I always would like to do this, because I think the chance of fly and glide is amazing, and is possible to see the landscapes from the height, that can be really beautiful, too fly between the mountains catches my attention so much.
I think the hang gliding is an activity very intresting, because is something unusual, for me, is something I never had the chance to do, and I hope do it once in my life. I like very much the life in nature, and this activity is always in natural places, and flying is possible to see so much diffrent things.
I believe that I can be so good for this activity, because I have no affraid of the high, and I have courage for do that, I think if I have the chance to do it, I don´t think twice and I would take that opportunity.
I hope do you like this activity
Good luck for everyone of you!!