lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Holidays in 2008

Well, this time, I will talk about my holidays in the summer of 2008, one of the best in my life.
I went with my boyfriend to the south of Chile, and between other places, we visit the Alerce Andino reserve, near to Puerto Montt, in a town called Correntoso, where the people was very nice and kind with us, and accepted us really good.
In this holidays, we went in tent, because we both like camping, and in this place, we saw beautiful places, but we walked so much too. The things that most impressed to me was, in first place, the biggest alerces that we saw, because I never saw trees like these, and the beautiful lakes between the mountains. After see it, I thougt was worth all we walked in this place. Also we sleeped with an endless rain…
I have a special memory of this holidays. All for prepare it was very hard, because I work so much for I can pay it, and we had no agreement. in spite of all the difficult was arrive there, we saw unforgettable places, we did so much trek, saw so much nature and we feel a lot of peace there.
I would like to go back to Alerce Andino someday, for know it completly, because I missed a lot of places for lack of time, That I´m sure must be so beautiful to see it.

I hope do you like the photo, see you later
Good luck for everyone!

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Free Post

Well, this time I will talk about one of my favorite musical groups, that is Pink Floyd.
The disc in the photo is The Dark Side of the Moon, to 1973, one of the most important of the band and, personally, one of my favorites.
The members in this time was: David Gilmour (vocals and guitar), Roger Waters (bass), Richard Wright (piano) and Nick Mason (drums).
Them music is like a progressive rock, and is an emblematic group of the 70'. today, still is one of the most influential bands in the world. Too is a band recognizedbecause a spacial style of them compositions and conceptual albums in the mid seventies.
I have listened they since I have memory, because in my house, my uncles like them.
The first album I remember is The Wall, and I like it inmediatly, because the music is very special, full of different sound, that can transport you to other places.
I like Pink Floyd because, in first place, I think that they are really good musicians, with a great creativity and imagination, and too because they have a good ability for experiment with the music, en special in the 70’s, when technology in the music was came up.
Also, one of my favorite songs is I wish you were here, that is very nice and so special for me.
I like listen Pink Floyd so loud, and see the DVD too.
I hope you listen they some time
Pink Floyd rules!

Good luck for all of you

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

a photo that likes me

well, I will talk about one of my favorite photo. this image was taken the last summer, in february 2010, in my vacations on Ñuble nature reserve, near to Chillan, into the Andes range.
This photo was taken when arrive to the reserve, after me and my boyfriend did walk 10 kilometers, the seccond half of the road, we was really exhausted after that. In the photo I was resting, because the path was very hard, so long and so warmth. besides, we was get up very early.
The photo shows the road where we did rest,the track and the vegetation of the place, that is very abundant.
The image was taken by my boyfriend, that was my only partner in that trip.
this photograph is very special for me, because that was a really good vacations, where we knew a beautiful places in the mountain, the rivers, the trees, the sky, all was so nice. Also is important because the photo shows the begin of the longest trekking in my life, that was very exhausting, but I think was one of the best experience, and I can say this is one of the most beautiful places to Chile, where we found so much peace.

martes, 11 de mayo de 2010


Well, this time I will talk about one of the countries that I wouldlike to visit:India.

I would like to go because i think that is a beautiful country, besides it is one of the most extensives of the world. When I will go to this country (because I hope go some day), I would like to visit all intresting an diverse landscapes, to meet people, their different custom and ways of life.

India is a really big country, where there are so many places to know;this country has great part of the biodiversity of the world, cause of this, there is a lot of natural placesto know, specially the Himalayas, the biggest mountains on the world, that is like a dream. Besides, India has a rich culture, that is very atractive. I would like to visit the Taj Mahal and the main monuments.

India is very different to Chile as soon as his society, because this is stratified in the social class. Also ii is different in culture, costumes, traditions and religion. In this country, exist a big preoccupation by the government about the nature protection, and it has a very strict law for the nature conservation. This can be an example to Chile for the protection of our environment.

The picture is the Himalayas
Good luck for all

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Correction Blog

A place in chile that I enjoyed visiting frequently: Pichilemu

The place where i visited recently, in summer is Pichilemu. This place is located in the coast of the VI Region, at ( WW not necessary) 259 km of Santiago. I visited this place from 1st to 15th of February 2010, 12 days before the earthquake and tsunami. I went with my parents and my brother this (WW the Word is ‘these’) days and my sister the second week. In this place, I did many activities, but the best is (WW, the word is ‘was’) surfing. I went surfing 7 days and it was amazing, the waves was incredible and funny. The water wasn't cold in the sea, but I'm a beginner in surfing. Pichilemu is a place where not only surfing is the attractive. I visited the Cahuil Lake, the salt extraction in the lake and I ate a fish in the restaurant. After, I visited Boyeruca, when I ate good food in the beach cove. I visited Iloca and Duao in the south of Pichilemu and I ate a good reineta and I enjoyed the beach.
In Pichilemu, I walked in the beach and the center of the city, where have (WF, the correct for is ‘which has’)many shops and restaurants, I ate ice creams and I bought a t-shirt. When I return to Santiago, I remembered the good moments of this place, until 27th february, when this places when I visited in this summer, dissapeared rapidly and I feel bad.

Blog review: Cristian Campos

Well, this time, I review the Cristian Campos’s blog. I can see that he published 7 posts in his blog. In the three last posts, he included photographs, related with the matter of the post, and he hasn’t videos.
I think the blog’s design has something of personal liking, but I can say that this blog is very tidy, all is in his place, and he did all the activities of the english clases. However, I think this is a nice blog, the colors are fine and it has a good design.
My first impression of this blog, is that Cristian knows very well to write in english, because the posts are clear to understand, how the post about surfing, that is easy for read.
I think this is a good blog, and reading it I can see he likes so much the surfing, that is an intresting activity, but I never practice it…