jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Enhlish Class !!

Well, my experience of learning English was
very good, because I think that I learn so many things that I didn’t know about the English, and I feel that my English is better now.
Between the things that I enjoy about the English class, there is the blog, which I think is a didactic way for to practice and for know each other.
I think that is interesting when we was talk about geography, because for us is a very important tool to know technical language about our career. The majority of the bibliography about Geography is in English, for that is so important.
I don´t know that can be boring, maybe some activities like which I must complete things, that I think is boring sometimes.
Well, the most difficult for me is listening. In the first level I felt that was so easy, but in level 4, that not was the same thing, because was very difficult for me to understand the words, the people was talking so fast.
In general, I think that I have learned English a lot, and this course as been useful for me, but I need to learn much more for talking English very well.
See you!!

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Palomita´s Blog

Well, this time I choose the Palomita´s Blog. I like it because she writes very well in english, and too for its design, because the colours are very lively.
This blog has a very funny posts, a beautiful color combination and a video in some post. I think thata has so much style. I like very much a picture in the post about learning english, that shows a draw about two persons talking, that is really nice.
Well, a post that I like is the one that talks about Shopping, because I feel very identify with that, I don’t like so much to go shopping, I think there are more important things in the life. Also I go to Bandera street to buy some neccesary, because I like the used clothes, that are originals and cheap.
Well, I think that her blog is really good, and I can’t found nothing wrong, but I believe that if she still doing the blog as now, that wil be great! She writes very fine in english, that helps so much.
I think all the blogs talks about how the person is, the posts, pictures, design, colors, and in this case is like that, because the Palomita´s blog is like she, so funny, and so happy, and for that I like it.

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Forest Ranger

Well, if I could choose any job that I like to do, that would be a Forest Ranger in any National Park here in Chile. I would like to do this job because I like very much the nature, and I think there’s no other place better for work.
I am sure that I would enjoy very much this job, because I like very much to go to national parks, and every time that I have been there I thinbk that I would like to work in there. There are very vast places, and I imagine that always there are things to do in a place like that.
For me, this can be a satisfactory job, because is a job for to do good things for nature, that is very important for me. Is almost an ideal job, and the space is very big for do many things for keep the flora and fauna, and with this I could feel completly happy.
Well, when I went to do trekking in several national parks, for a time in the same park, I knew forest rangers, and talking with they, I feel that are people very happy with his job, and one of them tells me that he never change his job, because this give him the possibility of help the nature. This people many times are from near of the parks, then they know the area and have a special feeling about their town and land.
I see you in class, Bye!!

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Henry David Thoreau

Well, there are so many people that I would like to have known, because I admire much people by the way they think and the things that they do in the life, changing the world in some way.
In this time, I choose one of my favorite writers, Henry David Thoreau. He lived in the 19th century, and had a revolutionary way to think for this time, with ideas absolutely valid for our times, between the anarchy and the love of nature. His work influence to the pacifists movements of the past century.
I would like to talk so many things with him, to know what he thinks about this world we live and of our time. Also I would like to talk with him about his life in forest, out of the civilization, ask him how was that experience, how he lived, and why choose that place. For discuss about life and nature.
Well, I think for me was very interesting to know him, because I agree with some of what he writing, his ideas about how the world should be, the authority and the life. He was part on the movement of Transcendentalism, whose ideas I think are very considerable.
Also I would like to share with him the love for the nature, and the importance of this, just for know which was the force that make him just get out of the world of society and advance into the woods and live in the nature, alone (no people).
See you in class :)

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Learning English

Well, I would like to learn to speak english very well, because I hope travel so much, and I think to know english perfectly help me so much to can communicate with the people and not to starve to death… also I think that the english is a useful tool en any ocasión, for communicate with different people in different situations. Actually, the english is a universal languaje, it speaks in all the world, so wherever when I would like to journey, could be a person that speak english, and that can be very good when needs to know something.
With all, th english is a difficult languaje, because is very different to the spanish, the forms are completly diverses. Is like a other way to think, and is necessary patience for know it.
I think always is useful to know english, because sometimes, there is people that I can know or help that only speak english, and is good to be ready. Also, is useful to understand many daily thing, like songs that I never now what said, and for reading, because I like s much read, and smetimes I found books only in english, and I just don’t read it, that is very bad.
In geography, to know english is a very important tool, because the majority of the technical books of this profession are write in english. That means if we don’t know english, lost a great part of knowledge of geography, that is a really serious problem for geographers.
See you in class :):)

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

A perfect day out of the city

Well, in first time, I don´t really know with who I would like to spend in this perfect day, can be with my boyfriend, very close friends, family or just with myself, because the company is not the most important for me. I think that whatever be the circunstance would be fine.
But the most important for me in my perfect day is the place, the scenario, that needs to be a place in the nature, specifically in the mountain with a river or lake near. The idea of a perfect day for me is to be in touch with the nature, because that makes me feel really happy, and with a mountain like a view I can ask anything else.
Well, in this place, I would like to walk a lot, for know the mountain, but too I would like to rest, read a good book, spend time just contemplate the landscape and do meditation with the sound of the birds, the wind and water, things that you can´t pay ,near of any kind of civilization, is all that I want to have a perfect day.
In my life, I had a perfect day like this sometimes, when I was in vacations or when I can scape from Santiago and of the responsabilities, but I’m always looking for time to pass a day like this, and I hope in any time, that my life become in many days like this.
I hope all of you have a perfect day just like you want.
See you! :)

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Student Demonstratings

Well, the students of the University of Chile, are demonstrating because tryin to put end to the privatizing program of the new government, that wants change the sistem of education of Chile.
I don’t agree to stop the class, because in my opinion, is possible to build a student movement with work, to generate information, and to use all the knowledge we have but for this is no necessary stop all the activities, because we are the most affected with this by lost knowledge that we can have.
I don’t take part in the demonstrating, I think that the reasons are fair, but not the way , because the only affected of all this are we, the students. Also, the ministry said that he won’t talk with anybody that stop the class. This make so difficult all the conversations to resolve this conflict.