jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Forest Ranger

Well, if I could choose any job that I like to do, that would be a Forest Ranger in any National Park here in Chile. I would like to do this job because I like very much the nature, and I think there’s no other place better for work.
I am sure that I would enjoy very much this job, because I like very much to go to national parks, and every time that I have been there I thinbk that I would like to work in there. There are very vast places, and I imagine that always there are things to do in a place like that.
For me, this can be a satisfactory job, because is a job for to do good things for nature, that is very important for me. Is almost an ideal job, and the space is very big for do many things for keep the flora and fauna, and with this I could feel completly happy.
Well, when I went to do trekking in several national parks, for a time in the same park, I knew forest rangers, and talking with they, I feel that are people very happy with his job, and one of them tells me that he never change his job, because this give him the possibility of help the nature. This people many times are from near of the parks, then they know the area and have a special feeling about their town and land.
I see you in class, Bye!!

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  1. cami is a very nice job, is great because you can know many place!

  2. Hi Hame Kame Ha.

    Sounds like a nice job to me. Fresh air, great scenery and lots of walking!