jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Palomita´s Blog

Well, this time I choose the Palomita´s Blog. I like it because she writes very well in english, and too for its design, because the colours are very lively.
This blog has a very funny posts, a beautiful color combination and a video in some post. I think thata has so much style. I like very much a picture in the post about learning english, that shows a draw about two persons talking, that is really nice.
Well, a post that I like is the one that talks about Shopping, because I feel very identify with that, I don’t like so much to go shopping, I think there are more important things in the life. Also I go to Bandera street to buy some neccesary, because I like the used clothes, that are originals and cheap.
Well, I think that her blog is really good, and I can’t found nothing wrong, but I believe that if she still doing the blog as now, that wil be great! She writes very fine in english, that helps so much.
I think all the blogs talks about how the person is, the posts, pictures, design, colors, and in this case is like that, because the Palomita´s blog is like she, so funny, and so happy, and for that I like it.

2 comentarios:

  1. ooooooooooooh !!!! Camilaa, you are so nice !! I'm so excited and flattered. I really like your blog too, and the most post that I like is this now, hahaha.
    I love you friend. We have to many things in common.

  2. I think we all costs qa English, but I think you're the most knowledgeable of all of us, you have many skills to learn this language, and that someday you can speak and listen English to perfection. kisses