jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Enhlish Class !!

Well, my experience of learning English was
very good, because I think that I learn so many things that I didn’t know about the English, and I feel that my English is better now.
Between the things that I enjoy about the English class, there is the blog, which I think is a didactic way for to practice and for know each other.
I think that is interesting when we was talk about geography, because for us is a very important tool to know technical language about our career. The majority of the bibliography about Geography is in English, for that is so important.
I don´t know that can be boring, maybe some activities like which I must complete things, that I think is boring sometimes.
Well, the most difficult for me is listening. In the first level I felt that was so easy, but in level 4, that not was the same thing, because was very difficult for me to understand the words, the people was talking so fast.
In general, I think that I have learned English a lot, and this course as been useful for me, but I need to learn much more for talking English very well.
See you!!

3 comentarios:

  1. I think that the blogs is very funny, but sometims was very tedious xD

  2. I'm agree with you, i think the blog is a good way to learn english and to know each other.