jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Learning English

Well, I would like to learn to speak english very well, because I hope travel so much, and I think to know english perfectly help me so much to can communicate with the people and not to starve to death… also I think that the english is a useful tool en any ocasión, for communicate with different people in different situations. Actually, the english is a universal languaje, it speaks in all the world, so wherever when I would like to journey, could be a person that speak english, and that can be very good when needs to know something.
With all, th english is a difficult languaje, because is very different to the spanish, the forms are completly diverses. Is like a other way to think, and is necessary patience for know it.
I think always is useful to know english, because sometimes, there is people that I can know or help that only speak english, and is good to be ready. Also, is useful to understand many daily thing, like songs that I never now what said, and for reading, because I like s much read, and smetimes I found books only in english, and I just don’t read it, that is very bad.
In geography, to know english is a very important tool, because the majority of the technical books of this profession are write in english. That means if we don’t know english, lost a great part of knowledge of geography, that is a really serious problem for geographers.
See you in class :):)

4 comentarios:

  1. Nenaaa!! for lucky you know english and this is a pass for learnd english very good, and i know that you can do and ca travel for all the word1 :)

  2. cami i think the same like you, we need english for travel around the woooorld xd

  3. cami cami I like travel with you and drink very much beer in the mountain xD

    kisses :)

  4. friend! you are skilled in English, I would love to talk like you!!