jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

A perfect day out of the city

Well, in first time, I don´t really know with who I would like to spend in this perfect day, can be with my boyfriend, very close friends, family or just with myself, because the company is not the most important for me. I think that whatever be the circunstance would be fine.
But the most important for me in my perfect day is the place, the scenario, that needs to be a place in the nature, specifically in the mountain with a river or lake near. The idea of a perfect day for me is to be in touch with the nature, because that makes me feel really happy, and with a mountain like a view I can ask anything else.
Well, in this place, I would like to walk a lot, for know the mountain, but too I would like to rest, read a good book, spend time just contemplate the landscape and do meditation with the sound of the birds, the wind and water, things that you can´t pay ,near of any kind of civilization, is all that I want to have a perfect day.
In my life, I had a perfect day like this sometimes, when I was in vacations or when I can scape from Santiago and of the responsabilities, but I’m always looking for time to pass a day like this, and I hope in any time, that my life become in many days like this.
I hope all of you have a perfect day just like you want.
See you! :)

5 comentarios:

  1. Camiii!! i think that the idea of natural place is the best, nothing the city noice :) ..

  2. friend!! is very common in you!! Is very nice that you always visit place natunal!

  3. dear cami, you are a friend very important for me , thank you for all. I like going to a place natural with you and the nato :D