jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Student Demonstratings

Well, the students of the University of Chile, are demonstrating because tryin to put end to the privatizing program of the new government, that wants change the sistem of education of Chile.
I don’t agree to stop the class, because in my opinion, is possible to build a student movement with work, to generate information, and to use all the knowledge we have but for this is no necessary stop all the activities, because we are the most affected with this by lost knowledge that we can have.
I don’t take part in the demonstrating, I think that the reasons are fair, but not the way , because the only affected of all this are we, the students. Also, the ministry said that he won’t talk with anybody that stop the class. This make so difficult all the conversations to resolve this conflict.

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  1. I do not like my classes to stop, I feel so useless in my house, and I think that these demonstrations are not working well.